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  • LED Rejuvenation Light Therapy in combo with facial (15 min.)

  • LED Rejuvenation Light Therapy (30 Min.)


LED Rejuvenation Light Therapy is one of skincare's most recent innovations. It offers flexibility, freedom from downtime, and genuinely dramatic results.

Originally developed by NASA for use in biosciences, LED therapy works by sending low emission pulses of light onto the skin. Different parts of the spectrum, represented by different colors, are used to treat various skin problems. This treatment stimulates collagen production to make the skin more elastic. It also encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. Overall, LED therapy returns the skin to a more youthful state – firmer, with a smoother texture, fewer fine lines, and a more even tone.

Specifically, LED therapy treats problematic skin and acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation and broken capillaries, as well as photodamaged, sagging, aging, and wrinkled skin in all forms. 

Combining LED Light Rejuvenation Therapy our Custom European Facial or Custom Spa Facial produces maximum results. These treatments complement each other brilliantly and are gentle and soothing as well. 

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